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Personalized One-On-One Training with a Robinson Factory Safety Course Instructor

Matthew "Goody" Goodwin
Helicopter Teacher
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Matthew Goodwin has been flying helicopters since 2007 after a career in banking and real estate. Having graduated from Arizona State University with a degree in Psychology, a passion for teaching had always existed. Instead of returning to a traditional college to pursue a masters degree, he decided to learn to fly helicopters. Little did he know at the time, becoming a Certified Flight Instructor was in fact the easiest way to build flight time in the aviation industry. Along the way, through his training, he noticed that good instructors were few and very hard to come by. In fact, by the time most instructors began to craft their trade, they moved on leaving their unfinished students with a new inexperienced instructor, or worse, without one. 


Matt has more than 7,000 hours flying and teaching in helicopters. Although he has experience in many types of helicopters, he has focused on the Robinson Helicopter product line. Robinson is the most popular helicopter in the world to learn, fly and own. He has a career that is accident free and aims on promoting safety within the aviation industry. In 2017, Matt was contracted by the Robinson Helicopter Company to provide flight instruction to attendees to the Factory Safety Course. In 2019, the FAA has authorized Matt to act on behalf of the Administrator to carry the responsibility of being a Designated Pilot Examiner. 


Matt uses the term helicopter teacher to distance himself from those that just hold an instructor certificate as just a rating to help build flight time. A teacher has a vested interest in the student's development. For those looking for a helicopter teacher with a record for safety and a reputation for providing quality one on one flight instruction, feel free to contact Matt. Don't let the size of the school dictate your decision for choice of school, the most important thing you can do is choose an instructor that you can learn from. 

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